Transport Medieval Addon download for mcpe/bedrock 1.18

Hi person who goes back and forth through time, searching for an addon for your middle age world? well you are perfectly positioned in light of the fact that today we have made an extraordinary addon with astounding modelsIt is an addon that unites vehicles utilized in the medieval times like carriages, forklifts, and so forth additionally a portion of the hours of the old west

since even minecraft bedrock version doesn’t have the perplexing means of tying a pony we have made a comparative capacity

First we should create the horseshoe of Horses to get the ponies that will pull our vehicles

to catch a horse you have to hit it with the tether and it will throw an item at you

Then that item is like a spawn egg that puts it.

Wheels are important too.



Wagon with Awning




Wagon with cage


in game

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