Parasites mod for mcpe and bedrock 1.18

This addon adds 14 new unfriendly hordes that advance and join over the long run. You need to overcome them before they develop into more grounded parasites. They come in 4 phases, the buglin, the contaminated crowds, and the completely advanced parasites.


  • forth in dull, advances into rupter following a moment
  • rupter – taints inactive crowds advances into an irregular monster following 2 minutes
  • tainted crowds – contaminates uninvolved hordes advances into an irregular monster following 2 minutes
  • arbitrary monster (5 aggregate) – strong foes that taint crowds and kill the player


  • pickaxe – mines quick, craftable
  • grass cutter – kills quick, gives speed, craftable
  • bow – shoots shots that contaminate and kill crowds, craftable

each hostile mob comes in 5 random sizes, the larger the mob is the more powerful it is.

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