New Glowing Ore v2 MCPE 1.19

Are you having trouble finding ore in the dark? This Texture Pack will make it easier for you to find ore in a dark place, with the glowing ore feature you can clearly see any ore in a dark place 

Glowing ore texture list 


  • Deepslate iron & iron ore
  • Deepslate diamond & diamond ore
  • Deepslate redstone & redstone ore
  • Deepslate gold & gold ore
  • Deepslate emerald & emerald ore
  • Deepslate lazuli & lazuli ore
  • Deepslate coal & coal ore 
  • Deepslate copper & copper ore 


  • Crimson fungus 
  • Weeping vines 『New』
  • Warped stem  『New』
  • Crimson stem  『New』
  • Quartz ore
  • Nether gold ore
  • Ancient debris


  • Dead chorus flower 「NEW」

Other textures 

  • Magma & Gilded Black Stone block
  • Brewing Stand & Mob Spawner
  • Crying obsidian  『New』

NEW Add another texture :

  • Crying obsidian
  • Ancient debris
  • Warped stem
  • Crimson stem
  • Weeping vines

How To Install

Step 1: Download All Files For The Download Button Below

Step 2: Go To Your Download Folder

Step 3: Extract Files if in .zip / No Need To Extract if the file is in .mcpack

Step 4: Copy All folders/files

Step 5: Go Your Internal Storage And Paste These Files in This Location – games<com.mojang<resourse_pack.

Step 6: Open Your Minecraft And Go To Settings<Profile And Set The File Location To External

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