Dynamic Lighting Addon on All for MCPE 1.19+/ Bedrock

Are you looking for a bedrock 1.18 addon for minecraft?

Tired of searching for coal and making stacks of torches to light a cave?

Well if so this addon is for you adding dynamic lighting 

Dynamic lighting consists of having an item, be it a torch or an item that can give light like a lava bucket, by having these items in hand, it lights up around you

Having a redstone torch in hand will illuminate little

having a soul torch will light up moderately

having a lava bucket or torch will light up around you

These items have been modified so that they can be equipped in the off hand

Things Added in Update 1.0.1

New items were added which have dynamic lighting!

items with normal torch lighting

items with soul torch lighting

items with redstone torch lighting

Now when you drop items with lighting they will light up around

the blazes will also light up around!

Things Added in Update 1.0.2

Now the glow squid have dynamic lighting around them!

Update 1.0.3

the pack_icon was updated

fixed a bug with the dropping of torches

dynamic light was added to the sea lantern

Update 1.0.4

Items to which dynamic light was added

Items added with level 15 light

-Shroom Light

-End Crystal

-Nether Star

-Glowstone Dust

-Fire Charge

Items added with level 10 light

-Glow Ink Sac

-Sea Pickle

-Glow item frame

Items added with level 5 light

-Magma Block

-Crying Obsidian


added level 10 light to magma cube

the dynamic light of the glow squid was fixed

Bug Fix

second hand redstone torch removed due to bug issues

Update 1.0.5

In this update, dynamic lighting was added to charged creepers.

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