Patrix Latest Texture Pack For Minecraft Pe 1.19 – Patrix Rtx MCPE

The Patrix resource pack is the best resource pack you can get for Minecraft Pe. At least, if it is a medieval, rustic or realistic experience, you will want it. This is a bold claim, but once you see the action of this texture pack, it is difficult to refute it. Although most packages started to paint the game with a new layer of paint, Patrix effectively dismantled the basic visual effects of the game and rebuilt them from scratch-the results were simply stunning. In many cases, it makes Minecraft look like an AAA game.

How does the Patrix texture pack differ from other realistic texture packs? First, it manages to completely rethink every block and item in the game to provide a complete and cohesive experience-in contrast to most realistic texture packs, which cover only a small part of Minecraft blocks. Second, it uses 3D block models to significantly increase the realism and immersion of all aspects of the game, including leaves. Additional 3D models can be added to the package through add-ons. In addition, it has alternating and connected textures, eliminating the tiled look you usually get from texture packs. The quality of its bump map and specular map is also very high, and when used with shaders, the texture has a unique tangible appearance.

How To Install

Step 1: Download All Files For The Download Button Below

Step 2: Go To Your Download Folder

Step 3: Extract Files if in .zip / No Need To Extract if the file is in .mcpack

Step 4: Copy Behaviour pack , Go Your Internal Storage And Paste These Files in This Location – android<data<com.mojang.minecraftpe<files<games<com.mojang<Behaviour pack

Step 5: And Copy Resource pack, Go Your Internal Storage And Paste These Files in This Location – android<data<com.mojang.minecraftpe<files<games<com.mojang<resourse_pack.

Step 6: Open Your Minecraft And Go To Settings<Profile And Set The File Location To External

Step 7: In Minecraft, Settings Go-To Resource Packs And Activate Your addon / and Activate Behaviour addon Which You Have Downloaded

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