Minecraft Java 1.9+ Combat Addon For MCPE 1.19+

This addon adds Minecraft Java 1.9+ combat to the Minecraft Bedrock. This addon is great for people that what to have a new experience how minecraft java combat feels like (very close to minecraft java combat)

Combat Features:

1. New Animation:

2. Attack Cooldown Indicator:

3. Sweep Attack With Swords:

4. Recharge Time:

  • Sword: 0.625 seconds
  • Axe: 1 second
  • Pickaxes, Shovels, Hoes, Hand: take less time than swords and axes (Haven’t calculated as it is not exact as java)

5. Axes Deal More Damage Than Swords.
6. Cannot Perform a Critical Attack when cooldown is not full.

7.Spam clicking can be done but deals less damage.


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