Faithful 128×128 For Minecraft Pe – Stars Faithful RTX for MCPE

Over the years Minecraft has evolved from a fairly simple game to a true graphical experience. The reason for this progress are clearly the numerous add-ons of the community, like the Faithful 128×128 Texture Pack. As you may already know, the resolution of thedefault textures is only 16×16 and this is the reason for Minecraft’s reputation for being so blocky and unaesthetic Thanks to Minecraft Texture Packs like this one you can make the default textures much more high-resolution. But the special thing about this is that theFaithful style makes the blocks and objects not much more different from Vanilla Minecraft.

Accordingly, Faithful 512x can be seen as akind of further development that will increase your gaming fun even more. For you it will be one of the best resource packs you haveever used. However, the distance between 32x and 512x textures is enormous, so there is a big difference to the normal Faithful 32xThe creators used photorealistic graphics and you will notice thatOf course we understand that there is also a high demand for a Faithful 512×512 Bedrock Texture Pack. We have good news for you. because almost every Android, iOS or Windows 10 operating system is compatible with this pack

Faithful 512x512
Faithful 512x
Faithful 512x Texture Pack
Faithful 512x512 Resource Pack
Faithful 512x512 Download
Faithful 512x Download

How To Install

Step 1: Download All Files For The Download Button Below

Step 2: Go To Your Download Folder

Step 3: Extract Files if in .zip / No Need To Extract if the file is in .mcpack

Step 4: Copy All folders/files

Step 5: Go Your Internal Storage And Paste These Files in This Location – games<com.mojang<resourse_pack.

Step 6: Open Your Minecraft And Go To Settings<Profile And Set The File Location To External

Step 7: In Minecraft, Settings Go-To Resource Packs And Activate Your Shaders / Texture Which You Have Downloaded


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