ModernArch Realism 256x, 128x Minecraft PE Texture Pack 1.17.11

This is one of the most realistic texture packs for Minecraft PE. You can use it to turn a boring game world into a surreal world. Here, the author used a real high-quality photo and copied it to the block to superimpose the texture. Now your building will have modern plastic and wood materials, and you will have the opportunity to build beautiful buildings. If you observe the new texture very carefully, it will become more realistic.

Currently, this package only contains changes to building blocks, blocks on the surface of the game world, some plants and flowers, some components of the redstone mechanism, and other types of blocks. But this is enough for creating patterns or just exploring the world.

ModernArch Features

  • There are two variants of the pack: 256×256 and 128×128
  • For 256×256 you can set the minimum drawing distance
  • This can be used to make the world very realistic
  • Building blocks look like modern building materials
  • Changed only basic and frequently used blocks and items


1. go to the download folder 
2. extract zip file 
3. copy extract file 
4 . paste games<com.mojang<resource_packs


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