UMSOEA 3 Ultra Realstic Texture Pack with Map For Minecraft PE #5

This texture pack has 128x times the resolution, so everything looks realistic. That is, if you are not standing very close to the building blocks. I even created seamless textures for most of the blocks to really give it a realistic feel. I got inspiration from Umsoea’s ultra-realistic texture pack, you can find it on youtube, and try to make some textures look similar, but with a lower resolution to run smoothly on mobile devices.

Compare this to any shader, you basically have a moving copy of the Umsoea texture pack, but without real-time ray tracing. When you load into the game and apply the texture pack, the first thing you will see is that I changed the title and background image.

Umsoea is a new concept in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition texture pack. Although classified as realism, the pack aims at more than just realistic textures. One of its functions is connecting blocks with smooth transitions, such as sand engineering. The resolution can be adjusted from 256x to 512×512, so please prepare your device before installation.


1. go to the download folder 
2. extract zip file 
3. copy extract file 
4 . paste games<com.mojang<resource_packs


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