Real BSL Shader Minecraft Pocket Edition +1.19 | Zebra Shaders For MCPE Bedrock/Android

This Shaders For Minecraft PE android Shaders are probably the best way to decorate Minecraft graphically. Especially BSL Shader 1.17.1 stands out because of its unique features. Shaders are one of the most realistic shaders and are often used by Minecraft players. BSL places great emphasis on realism and darkness, rather than colorful colors. This shader is especially suitable for the new 1.16 netherworld update, because it gives the underworld a very special luster. Combined with the high-resolution 1.16 resource pack, the shader shows its true power. The new version of BSL Shader has been tested and works perfectly. Used in conjunction with Optifine 1.16, further graphics settings can be made.

The new Minecraft Nether 1.16 update has inspired gamers from all over the world. For the first time, there is a new biome in the Nether. This is the home of brand new creatures. You can also find new blocks where you can make unique items. The highlight of the 1.16 update is Netherite, which is very rare and only appears in the Nether. Netherite can be combined with diamonds to obtain more powerful equipment. Using the BSL shader, the biomes in the Nether look amazing. The shader’s lighting is a bit darker than you know from other shaders, but the eye-catching colors and lights bring a completely different atmosphere to the Nether, which is really amazing!


1. go to the download folder 
2. extract zip file 
3. copy extract file 
4 . paste games<com.mojang<resource_packs

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